Mr Moisturiser

Mr Moisturiser

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Mr Moisturiser excellently nourishes and rejuvenates malnourished and dry skin to leave your face feeling refreshed and alive.

Its quick absorbing, non-comedogenic nature ensures that it doesn’t block your pores, whilst its soothing properties and blend of vitamins help to protect and soften the skin.

Beneficial Ingredients

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a fantastic ingredient that works wonders for the skin. With a non-comedogenic formula, it doesn’t clog up pores and it has a rich fat content which allows the skin to hold in moisture without making your face look or feel oily.

Shea Butter also stimulates the production of collagen and improves the elasticity of the skin – it keeps skin looking full and healthy whilst helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Shea butter is brimming with Vitamins E, F & A, and boasts strong antioxidant qualities that can aid in preventing untimely ageing by helping to protect skin cells from free radicals and UV damage. It also strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier therefore preventing external bacteria and pollutants from entering.

Slices of Aloe Vera Plant and liquid on a white plate

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera’s generous skin hydrating and anti-inflammatory qualities are unparalleled. As a water based product, Aloe Vera is incredibly hydrating and it works to cool and soothe the skin without clogging up your pores

It leaves skin feeling refreshed and revitalised whilst helping to reduce skin inflammatory sufferings such as eczema and psoriasis.


Glycerin is a water-attracting agent. It specialises in ensuring that the hair obtains and retains moisture. It in turn helps to improve hair health and conquer brittleness and split ends.

Mr Moisturiser

3 Reviews for Mr Moisturiser

  1. Marc Knox

    Having used facial moisturisers for over 30 years I’ve probably tried all the ones available both in the UK and overseas. Without a doubt Mr Moisturiser is one of the best.

    Nicely fragranced, a little goes a long way and is rapidly absorbed without any oiliness; the addition of shea butter is fantastic, as it will take care of any nicks or cuts and long term your skin will look great, especially if you suffer from blemishes usually.

    The quality of the product commands a higher price and is without doubt a steal at the price.

  2. Derek lyons

    This non oily cream is fantastic so no shiny face , I use it on my scalp as well , a little goes a long way another great product in the range and one I will continue to use

  3. Mark Dalton

    Brilliant product. Having used most of the big brand moisturisers, this is the best: all day moisturising which actually works. Fantastic as an aftershave to calm the skin: even use it as aftersun. Sooths without any oilyness. And the fragrance is amazing.

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