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Mr Dry Wax, enriched with Argan Oil contains antioxidants which thicken and restore hair in addition to also retaining it’s natural moisture. With a moderate hold, it is non-greasy and washes out easily.

For ease of styling, Mr Dry Wax goes on white so you can see where and how much you’ve applied before drying into a clear, colourless finish. Want to freshen up your style for the evening? It’s simple- just run wet fingers through your hair to re-energise the wax and restyle as you wish. Did we mention the faint hint of handsome?

7 reviews for Mr Dry Wax

  1. Marc Knox

    I’ve been using this for a while now and would say it is great value for money. It’s not a ‘hard’ wax that you need to rub between your palms to loosen it up, instead it’s more a ‘creamy’ product that goes on very easily.

    It has a pleasant scent and the hold is pretty good, it’s stronger on a short cut but lessens the longer your hair is, bear in mind this is just my experience. Different hair, different results. Overall I’d say it was a medium hold product.

    As the description says, you can ‘reactivate’ it by running wet fingers through your hair, ideal if a gust of wind sends it askew or you decide to pop out after work and want to freshen up.

  2. Mario

    What I particularly like about Mr Dry Wax is that it has an excellent hold and can easily be restyled simply by adding water. When first applied to the hair, it is clearly visible as it appears as a white substance before drying into a clear finish. I would highly recommend this product.

  3. Stuart Whatmore

    This is brilliant, really easy to use, no mess and works a treat. I would highly recommend this to others along with rest of the range of products.

  4. James

    Love this product! It’s different to anything else I’ve found on the market and it really works.

  5. Paul

    A great product. Light yet good hold, not “claggy”, easy to apply & shape, feels good on & has a soft feel when dry, washes out easily. And it lasts for ages. I’ve recommended it to a number of friends & recommend it to you reading this review.

  6. george nicol

    This is an great product with excellent hold , non-greasy and easy to wash out. Hoping it comes back in to stock soon.

    • Site Admin

      Hello George, Thanks for your kind words. Our online store re-opened today after closing for Covid-19 precautions.

  7. Jonny Stewart

    Really good product… I used to use American Crew but not anymore as this is so much kinder on the hair, easier to wash out and easier to put in!

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