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The Story of Our Products

For nearly forty years, the window-front of 26 Bedfordbury, located in the heart of London’s Covent Garden has played host to George the Barber.

Welcomed into the world of male grooming at the age of 15, George was taught the barbering trade by his father and has gone on to gain an abundance of experience in male grooming over the subsequent decades.

Motivated by a distinct lack of quality products on the existing market; George collaborated with M Barbering Ltd to create the new and affordable men’s grooming range George the Barber.

George explains, “When in the initial stage of creating my range of hair and skin products, the main thing I did was listen. I listened to what customers told me the current market was missing and what qualities they wanted new products to incorporate.

Market research informed me that customers wanted hair products that are easy to apply, wash out of their hair with ease, are long lasting and provide a good, solid hold to the hair. They wanted shampoos that add volume to the hair itself, that protect and nourish the hair and scalp, and they wanted skin care products that are calming and protective, so that’s exactly what I created.

I also listened to hair and skincare professionals to learn about what ingredients were essential to creating successful, effective products.

For me however, that wasn’t enough. I wanted more, I wanted to design a range of products that care, so I carefully placed vitamins and minerals into all of my products to help nourish, protect and hydrate the hair, scalp and skin.

I wanted a better result than I was getting from existing products, and in my opinion, I’ve achieved that.”

Our unique selling motto is provide a 5-star product with a 3-star price tag. We all win.

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All our packaging is 100% recyclable
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