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It goes without saying that we love George the Barber’s grooming products but it is very heart-warming when we read your reviews and discover just how much you love them too.

Please be sure to leave a review on all of George’s grooming products that you have used, both on the individual product pages and other online review sites. We’ll find them if you mention George the Barber.

We often have eagle-eyed fans send us photos and links when they have seen George’s products mentioned online and in print publications.

I use around 5 of the products. Coming in stylishly presented packaging it’s difficult to pick one over another. For daily use I haven’t found a better product than Mr Moisturiser.
Lovely smelling and the smallest amount needed. Leaves the hair feeling fresh and natural.
Great product to use. Gives hair enough hold but without feeling you have stuff in it. Light enough to use on fine hair too. Smells good too which is a bonus.
One of the best hair products I have used in a very long time. Great product with great hold, doesn’t look greasy and holds the style very well. Highly recommend this product to anyone.
I’m a huge fan of this shampoo. I’ve been a long time customer of George’s and have used and tried a number of George the Barber products and they really are fantastic quality, as well as smelling great. I’d recommend them to anyone.
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